Olexiy Starr and his ALOHA family

Hi! My name is Olexiy Starr (Olexiy Shmytkin). I am a travel blogger, businessman, poet, writer, and father of an awesome girl.

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I was born and currently live in Ukraine. At the age of 16, I became the finalist of the FSA FLEX Exchange program. I moved to the U.S. state of Hawaii, where I studied at Kapolei High School for 1 year. Inspired by Hawaiian nature, hospitality, and aloha spirit, I returned back to Ukraine. My dream was to continue traveling but I could not afford it, and I knew from my parents I have to study. In 5 years, I graduated from the University in my hometown, and I got married to my beautiful Elena. Soon enough I quit my job. For several years, I was earning my living providing copywriting and translation services. Most of the time I've been translating various documents and websites from Russian and Ukrainian to English and vise versa. But it was not a job of my dream. In fact, soon we realized what we want to do.

Together with my wife, we earned enough money to move to Thailand, where we traveled and lived for 1.5 years. Our daughter Olivia was born in Hua Hin, Thailand in March 2014. The website where you are right now is a popular travel blog with Hawaiian spirit. This blog has helped thousands of people from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan to start living their dream and to spend more time with their families, traveling and enjoying what they do. Unfortunately, right now all the articles are in Russian. But I am open to communication and always ready to help if you have any questions. Today I am not only a travel blogger but also a children's book author. By the way, I wrote my first poetry book when I was nine years old! Now my daughter is approving all my books. :) You can check my author page on Amazon at any time. Thank you for reading this. To keep in touch, you may send me an email to get@yoursuccess.space or add me on facebook or add my wife on Instagram.